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Thread: I Love It- Prod. Dev

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    I Love It- Prod. Dev

    We tried a stereo mix on this one it feels warm.

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    Re: I Love It- Prod. Dev

    As far as quality goes, it feels like there's to much stereo separation on this track to the point it was almost hard to hear the vocals, almost as if they sat behind the track instead of up front or on top. One thing that can help, if you don't have studio monitors and/or a sound treated room/space that you're mixing in, is set the entire project, via the master channel, to mono and mix in mono, and then once everything sounds good, switch the master channel back to stereo. Or you can mix in stereo but every once in a while switch your master over to mono and check it. If every thing sounds good in mono then you know you're gonna get a good stereo mix.

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    Re: I Love It- Prod. Dev

    I'm pretty new to mixing, and this really helps. I'll be sure to make my next attempt better.

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